It’s about meaningful solutions: via trustful connectedness and by purposeful operating systems.


I help individuals, teams and organizations

  • to experience their connectedness and to develop sustainable cooperations;
  • to cooperate trustfully;
  • to establish helpful orders and structures;
  • to enjoy meaningful work.

My core approach



How can we foster our connectedness and benefit from it?



How can we cooperate courageously and trustfully?


How do we find a new order when things went into complexity and chaos?


What is the purpose and direction of our activities?

You might want to work with me if:

  • you need practical solutions, backed up by models, theories and research – where necessary.
  • you are interested in quickly actionable results based on practical experience and common sense instead of „Bullshit Bingo“ and „Cargo Cult“.

You might want to work with me if:

  • you are looking for an attentive observer and agile process designer who will help you to benefit from every coaching or workshop strengthened and in a good mood!
  • you are looking for an expert as a partner who can offer something more than consulting skills and in-depth specialist knowledge. Because he has many years of professional experience as a lawyer, HR generalist and manager, both in the profit and non-profit sectors.

You might want to work with me if:

  • you are looking for tailor-made and practical tools beyond… [Design Thinking, VUCA, Cynefin, Theory U and Presencing, New Work, New Leadership, Leadership 4.0, Ambidexterity, Flat Hierarchy, Self-Organization, Circle Organization, Network Organization, Lean Change, Agility, Scrum, Kanban, Resilience, AI and AI, etc …]
  • you prefer tools tailored for you to fostering your success in complexity, chaos and hyperturbulence.

I work for you…


I work for individuals: coaching, career design, self-development, crisis support and sharing expertise on leadership, agility, self-organization, transformation.



I work with management teams, managed teams and self-organized teams:
team coaching, team development, reducing tensions, solution-oriented conflict moderation, self-organization, meeting structures, decision-making, agility, strategizing, transformation.



I work for organizations: organizational development, agile transformation, trainings, large group events, keynotes and lectures; for national and international organizations from the profit sector as well as from the non-profit sector.

I love helping people, teams and organizations to „re-invent“ themselves, often with just a gentle nudge from the outside, that gets the good forces within to work.

My core topics

Purpose oriented work with focus on sustainability

Trustful cooperation with all stakeholders

Value creation through clear roles

Transparency and structures to go easy and sustainably on resources

Agile Sustainability

I’m happy to help, if you feel you need more of this in your organization:

  • …more connectedness and mutual trust – than orders, guidance and control;
  • …more self-organization and agile networks – than organizational charts and positions;
  • …more courageous experiments and learning from the unknown – than copy and paste of old models and best practices;
  • …more meaningful tasks and a clear goal as a guiding star for the manifestation of your visions – than executing strategies and sticking to structures and processes.

FAQ / Informationen

Where does Robert work?

  • In which regions? I work for customers and projects with a focus both on Austria and Europe and occasionally in Asia too.
  • In which medium? Settings are both online and face-to-face, depending on your needs and feasibility.
  • In which languages? I work in German and English.

Which are the professional roles of Robert Strohmaier?

  • According to your needs, I work as a process designer and facilitator, as an expert advisor, as a trainer or coach, or simply as an attentive and helpful companion.

How does a consulting process with Robert Strohmaier proceed?

  1. In a cost-free initial meeting I will ask you specific questions and we explore the reasons for your request. Thus we figure out what you need, where you want to go and what I can do for you. You will see very quickly whether you would like to continue working with me! And in addition you can already derive helpful suggestions for further steps from this initial meeting!
  2. We then clarify your expectations and my assignment (if we haven’t done so right away at the end of our initial meeting), we clarify your specific concerns, where exactly you want to go and what else could be important, but you haven’t even considered yet. I then draft a written concept with a proposed procedure and cost calculation; and you will receive a timeline with suggested dates for our work.
  3. During our cooperation we work on your goals and/or design what you need; you will receive regular reports and feedback; if necessary, we will clarify my task again. This ensures that the work is always aligned with your purpose, if there are changes.
  4. With my support, you will develop suitable solutions, work on reducing tensions and conflicts or you will clarify new roles and interfaces in the organization. Maybe we do strategizing or we run well-organized experiments to try out new things in your organization or to make your organization more agile. You even may want to reposition yourself/your organization from scratch…
  5. After completing the agreed tasks, we do an evaluation or – some time later – a follow-up so that the completed tasks can be evaluated and further steps can be planned if necessary.

What is the time affordance to be expected for a team coaching?

  • For an individual coaching we usually need 3 to 4 units of around 1 ½ to 2 hours. By this, a lot can be achieved for most coaching cases.
  • I often facilitate team coachings as “team days”. In just one day, the most important tensions are identified and helpful steps for relief are developed. By this, the team can continue working immediately. And whilst the team day, the team experiences and learns, how they can tackle tensions together; this helps them to facilitate solutions by themselves in the future.

How did Robert Strohmaier's work recently develop?

  • Due to the developments of the last years (technological, electronic …), the effects on organizations and the people working in the organizations have changed significantly. We describe this with tendencies such as dynamization, globalization, diversity, digitalization, and disruption.
  • These tendencies have created contexts that we may no longer call “simple” or “complicated” instead we mostly experience them to be “complex”, “chaotic” – or finally – like in the sudden changes in almost all areas of life in a pandemic – we may even feel the „hyperturbulence“. Planning and controlling have given way to a large number of – often still unknown – options. That is challenging both people and organizations. New skills are required, there are no “right” answers and concepts; instead, tendencies, probabilities and patterns must be recognized. The potential – as well as the risks – of the use of artificial intelligence, which can be traced already, suggest that the requirements for people in organizations will be far greater in the future.
  • All of this requires humans who are able to work together in connectedness and with trust, and cooperate towards meaningful purposes in helpful organizational structures.
  • I develop concepts that help to dealing with the „unknown unknown“ in order not to get lost in it:
    • You will (re)focus on the power of connectedness that each of us has experienced yet before we were born;
    • We work with settings and tools that foster trustful cooperation;
    • We develop (operational) systems and structures that establish order, predictability and assessability;
    • We trigger your desire for new things, for experimentation, and for learning, and for a sense of purpose that provides you with inner strength and gives a clear direction for your work.