My approach



Effect: experiencing yourself as part of something bigger, with deep meaning

One of the earliest basic experiences of every human being is the deep bonding with the mother. Our relationship orientation as a basic human need is developing from that. And only when relating to others we can experience ourselves in a deeper way than we could do by ourselves. And so we develop ourselves as individuals. In this course of development we oscillate between our longing for connectedness and our desire for growth and change, which may also bring separations.

This is how we grow into the world. We become grown-ups.

But deep inside we continually feel our longing for connectedness. In this connectedness we can experience that we are part of something bigger than us, and whose – presumably only – purpose is to enjoy its existence and its development. With this awareness, we can understand, that we are doing better if we to commit ourselves to sustainable living in all perspectives (economy, ecology, social issues). By doing so, we serve the larger whole as well as we are securing our sustainable future.

Each of us can participate in this. This commitment creates enjoyment at work and “joie de vivre” – and this makes us happy!



Effect: minimize risks

Trustful cooperation requires first of all that we know ourselves and we can trust ourselves; only then we are ready to taking risks. Taking risks is easy, when we can trust our co-workers and peers, that they will not take advantage against us in a risky situation, but – if necessary – rather support and protect us. By doing so we mutually achieve goals which we would never have achieved on our own.

This experience increases enjoyment at work, fosters experiments and innovations, boosts productivity and shortens the “time to market” – and all this makes us happy!


Effect: Save resources

All we need now is a helpful organizational structure, such as

  • an operating system with clear rules for both decision-making on governance and for tactical decisions for our day-to-day business;
  • transparent, coordinated and tailored roles with purpose, tasks, competencies and responsibilities;
  • binding agreements that can be adapted easily, if needed;
  • clear processes and interfaces that provide reliability and still ensure flexibility;

then things will work again – with joy and success!


Effect: Allignment, direction and meaning

The purpose of an organization is like the north star in the skies. It is a reference point that helps us with navigation, it is a guiding star that provides orientation and security. It is an emotionally attractive idea of the future that makes our work worthwhile and gives it a deeper meaning. If you add purpose and meaning to what you do, you will experience more enjoyment at work. This will transform your organization into a place for happy and healthy people. You will achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently, and you also incur fewer costs and generate more income or provide more benefits, be it that you are in the non-profit sector or work for a profit organization.

My core topics

Purpose oriented work with focus on sustainability

Trustful cooperation with all stakeholders

Value creation through clear roles

Transparency and structures to go easy and sustainably on resources

Focused attention as a conscious attitude for creating a happy future

Mindfulness in presence to reap the potential of the moment for creating a successful future

Solution focus for actively shaping the ``preferred future``

Agile sustainability as the new attitude for a hyper-turbulent world

The art of understanding each other as the basis for respect, diversity and maintaining successful relationships

Loving clarity in what we have in common as well as in what makes us different

Psychological safety for all


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